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Virginia is for Lovers….err…Gardeners! (Part 1)


I am sure it is for the former, but since I am single :-(, I thought it best to focus on the beauty of the gardens.

During my recent trip to the Richmond area of Virginia, I got to visit Monticello (there will be more posts from that visit soon), however my other aim for traveling to Virginia was to see the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.

I absolutely LOVE our Franklin Park Conservatory, but I am always excited to travel to other cities and patronize their botanical gardens to learn and see more.

Founded in 1984, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is located on 80 acres just outside the downtown area. A public place for the display and scientific study of plants, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is one of only two independent public botanical gardens in Virginia and has the designation of a state botanical garden.

This will also be a multi post article since there was sooooo much to see. One of the places I made a point to focus on during my visit was the “Healing Garden”. All of my readers know my interest in natural medicine and the healing power of both vegetables, fruits as well as herbs and other plants.

The Healing Garden reflects one of the fundamental uses of plants – for medicine and healing. Upon walking the main promenade from the visitors center to the glass conservatory, to the left you will find a small garden whose size and symmetry recall medieval cloister gardens. It is designed as a place for spiritual healing through contemplation, meditation and reflection. To the right, the elliptical beds accentuated with an oversized granite mortar and pestle reflect the medicinal significance of plants. This garden style is inspired from the1545 Renaissance Garden in Padua, Italy.

I spent quite a bit of time reading the placards for each of the areas and of course picked up some tips on plants I have and those I want to acquire for my home pharmacy.

If you are in the Richmond area, it is a marvelous place to spend the day…for more information check out their website at

Happy Gardening!

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