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Gardening at Verdigris: Poly Tunnel Style Greenhouse

The first year of building our market garden “Verdigris” has been dedicated to infrastructure.  We built a propagation and seedling greenhouse, but we wanted another greenhouse built over garden beds to help us garden year-round and to use in the summer for heat loving crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

There are a lot of poly tunnel kits on the market, but most of them are, at this time, out of our price range.  We selected a less expensive greenhouse kit and chose to bulk it up with framing and other supports.  The greenhouse, the Outsunny 20′ x 10′ x 7′ Portable Walk-In Steeple Garden Greenhouse from  Aosom Direct was the best choice for us.  The durable PE woven covering should stand up to harsh weather and with our enhancements, it should be wind and rain resistant and keep our plants cozy during inclement weather.

We opened the box, inventoried the contents, and got to work.  The assembly is relatively easy and straightforward and very quickly we had the frame assembled; then we began our enhancements.  First we decided to position the greenhouse east to west, like our existing greenhouse and to maximize sun exposure.  To increase the stability of the greenhouse and to create depth for garden beds, we build a foundation of 4×4 lumber and bolted them to the ground with 12 inch screw bolts.  We then secured the greenhouse frame to the foundation with 3/4inch “C” clamps

Next we created the raised garden beds.  We used double layer paper as a weed barrier in the beds and cardboard for the pathway.  Home Depot sells masonry bricks at low prices, so we used those to create the front barrier of the garden beds.  Once these were in place, we filled the beds with soil and the pathway with mulch.

We will be using this greenhouse in the early spring to grow brassicas and when those are harvested, we will be building structures inside the greenhouse to grow tomatoes and cucumbers vertically…we can’t wait!


Happy Gardening!

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