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The Home Kitchen Garden

With all the work that we are putting in at Verdigris, it is easy to get distracted and not plan for our own kitchen garden season.  Luckily I started many plants before work began this spring.  Most of the garden plants that could be started and then transplanted were started in late February.  Long germinating herb plants like Thyme and Chamomile, and vegetables such as bell, sweet and hot peppers were started then.  In early March, I started tomatoes, radicchio, Chinese, green and red cabbage as well as edible flowers (nasturtiums).  Recently I started our cucumbers, summer squash and corn seedlings and they are germinating in our tiny greenhouse.

This week I potted out the cabbages and radicchio and I will pot out the tomatoes next week.  I think I will wait another week to pot out the peppers so they can enjoy some heat.

For the most part, everything else growing in the garden is either a perennial (asparagus, sorrel, etc.) or had been sown directly into the soil (lettuce, carrots, beets, parsnips, radishes, salsify).

Get out and get your hands dirty in your own kitchen garden!  The high season is upon us!

Happy Gardening!

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