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Gardening at Verdigris: Soil Delivery

While we were very fortunate to find a piece of property that had never had a structure on it for our market garden, it didn’t mean that the land doesn’t have its problems.  Much of the construction debris for building the neighborhood (hard graft gravel, concrete, etc.) found its way to these lots and over the years became part of the soil beneath the sod.  We are digging out some of the soil for fruit trees, but much of the garden will consist of slightly elevated and raised beds.

To fill those beds, we will rely on bought in soil and compost until we produce enough of our own.  We called on Jones Topsoil here in Columbus to deliver soil to begin to fill the beds.  Our first order was 11 cubic yards of their Top Soil Plus.  The interesting thing about Jones Top Soil is that they can deliver soil and products over a fence with their “Slinger” truck.  Operated by remote control, this truck literally slings soil over the fence and into a pile.  Our delivery driver Shannan was very adept at working this truck and delivered right in the spot we wanted.  See the video below!

Happy Gardening!

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