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The garden is just sailing along, things are growing, maturing and being harvested (the lettuce and carrots have sustained me for a month!) The beets are being harvested this week for what I hope is a good week or two of delish beet salads! Other than weeding and watering, there is not a whole lot of new activity in the garden to report, so I can enjoy the space and live in it.

Well when that happens, I start to get crazy ideas. I was sitting on the patio this past weekend enjoying a cup of coffee and reading an interesting book on Urban Homesteading ( more on that in future posts) and really committed to creating my pantry and root cellar this summer. Well to do that I also would have to have more crops to put in and up in the cellar. That lead to the thought of needing more growing space for vegetables which lead to a discussion (in my head) of aesthetics. The way the balance of my back yard is shaped, adding more rectangle beds would look very awkward and I believe a garden has to be both beautiful and functional so my mind drifted to different shapes.

The space available for garden beds is pretty much square so I thought of my dining room and how my round dining room table is absolutely perfect in the square space of the room and then it hit me! Design a circular shaped garden in the middle of the space! Above is my rendering of the new bed.

In my excitement, I want to build this bed right now…however, the practical person says we are heading into the height of summer, I would not be able to plant until fall after double tilling and ammending the clay soil and then I might not eek out much of a growing season or harvest, so the plan is to do more measuring and drawing and plotting of what exactly this bed is going to look like, how big it is and how much I can plant in it and build the bed in the late part of the summer and into autumn so it can be ready for spring planting…I will keep you up to date!
Happy Gardening!

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