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What to do with spent bulb foilage?


I love the look of my spring flowering bulbs in full bloom, but they can start to look a bit tired and skanky once the bloom is gone, but what can you do with spend bulb foliage?

You might be tempted (as I have been) to cut back the foliage as soon as flowers are spent, but hold the shears!!! The fading foliage is the food source for the bulb’s production of blooms next season, if you cut it back, you will see fewer and fewer blooms each of the following years if you see flowers at all. Wait until the foliage is completely yellowed and died back before cutting it back or mowing it to the ground.

If you are really worried about the look of the spent foliage, you could braid it or bend it down and tie it with degradable string to keep it contained.

Happy Gardening!

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