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Here marks the start of our new business venture: Verdigris Market Garden.  My husband and I have wanted to create a business that; indulged our passion for gardening as well as our desire to provide the highest quality, cleanest produce, eggs and cottage foods as possible to our local community.  Our purchase of ¼ acre of land near our home last fall was the catalyst to begin this journey.


A friend suggested the name Verdigris and I absolutely love the name.  Verdigris is the green/blue patina that copper gets as it ages and oxidizes.  I adore that color and I thought it would be evocative of the rich, verdant garden we plan to make.


We began the development of the property in earnest this spring with the installation of a sturdy garden shed and a fence around the property to protect the integrity of the space and to provide privacy for us to work.

We worked with a local company that sources Ohio Amish built sheds.  We selected a comfortable sized 10’ by 14’ that will allow us to store seed trays, small tools and to winter over more tender plants.  It will also function as a potting shed.  We will be adding gutters and rain barrels in the next week or so to collect rainwater.  We will also be adding small scale solar panels to the roof to give us a small bit of electricity.  We will evaluate utility power as this year goes on to determine if we will need it.

Next up as far as infrastructure goes was a fence.  This is a commercial enterprise so we did need some level of protection against damage or intrusion and to give us privacy to develop and grow the property.  We worked with local contractor Williams Brothers Home Improvements to enclose the property, giving us maximum productive space.  The team worked very hard to fence the entire property in approximately 24 hours!  We were very impressed with the crew and their results.

There is an endless list of projects over the next 14 months before we begin harvesting and selling at local farm markets and perhaps establish a CSA, but we are on our way!  Next up is planting fruit trees, bushes and vines.  It will take a few years for them to mature and bear fruit, but when they do, we will be offering that wholesome produce and much more at farm stands in the Central Ohio Area.

We are developing a website as I write this, but please like our page on Facebook: Verdigris Market Garden to keep up with the latest developments!


Happy Gardening!

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