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My Little Chicken-dee!

Adult Chickens

Well our little chicken babies are nearly a year old. They were born on May 4th and we picked them up the next day! Fiona, Myrtle, Delphine and Marie have done very well through both our late summer and over the winter and are now nearing their first birthday.
We have kept with organic practices with their food, treats, vegetables and fruit. The addition of fresh herbs to their diet during the growing and dried herbs during the winter have really helped to keep the chickens vital and to stave off any respiratory or digestive illnesses as well as decreased the possibility of any infestations.
They, in return have provided us with a lot of entertainment (the girls are very funny and love cuddles), amazing additions to our compost, and of course their gorgeous and delicious eggs!

Bowl of Eggs
Keeping them has not taken much time aside from the building and set up of the coop. A few minutes in the morning and a couple of minutes in the afternoon after work is all it takes! The addition of the electric door was an absolute g-dsend! I don’t have to go into the coop to let the chickens out in the morning or have to close them up at night, it is all solar powered and light triggered…it really was the best money we have spent!
I will keep you up to date on the little ones, but I really encourage you to read my previous blog posts on getting and keeping chickens and to decide for yourself if you can bring some backyard livestock into your life, it is a great investment!
Happy Gardening!

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