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We are still here!


Well since my post rapture looting of the Saks Fifth Avenue shoe department was cancelled, I decided to get some gardening in over the weekend. The weather has warmed up a bit over the last couple of weeks with average night time temperatures above 50 degrees. That makes the soil warm enough to plant some summer crops.

I planted a new variety of beans this year. Traditionally French Fillet beans (Haricovert) are bush varieties, but I don’t have room in my small garden to grow bushes of beans. Thankfully Renee’s Garden has a variety of French Fillet that grows like pole beans. I was delighted to plant these (two to three inches deep and 6 inches in between) along the trellis against my garage. The sun will be filtering through the small forest of asparagus ferns, but will be plenty of sun for these beans!

I also planted a variety of cucumbers called English. These are the long cucumbers you see at the market. They tend to have fewer seeds than traditional cucmbers and are excellent in salads or for making pickle chips!

And of course things are always moving in the garden, the last of the spring radishes came out of the garden this weekend and were replaced with carrots and a rainbow variety of swiss chard.

The garden is really kicking into high gear now that May is drawing to a close.

Happy Gardening!

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