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Transplanting in the Rain, what a glorious feeling…um, NOT


I, like many central ohio gardeners are both grateful and resentful of the large amounts of rain we have recieved here in April and so far in May. It definitely filled my rain barrell and has made the job of watering nearly non existent. But, it has also slowed the growth of a lot of spring crops….I could complain, but frankly our dear Mother earth will do what she wants regardless of my opinion 🙂

Yesterday since all the seedlings were put in the garden already, I spent time changing some things around. I extracted about another 100 daylily bulbs from one of the perrenial borders that will be given to my friend Amanda for her burgeoning garden then transplanted several Salvia plants into that space. While Salvia is a leggy perrenial that can look sloppy when overgrown, the bees and butterflies absolutely love them and it brings many many little pollinators to my yard so I am grateful for the plant. I also relocated a couple of Hosta Plants within the perrenial herb garden.

And while I didn’t do a Gene Kelly dance in my yard, I was extremely grateful for the rain yesterday and today that will help these transplants establish themselves in their new homes.

Happy Gardening!

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