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New Gardens!!!


I know this might come as a little bit of a shock, but here goes….I love to garden….whew, I said it…now if you can pick yourself up and continue reading 🙂

I love working in my garden…flowers, vegetables, herbs all bring pleasure and energy that is simply unmatched…but I absolutely love helping friends work in their gardens too.

Recently, my dear friend Alan and I were talking about gardening and he mentioned that he would like to put one in at his house. Alan and his partner Phil have a beatuful house and have done a marvelous job renovating it as well as creating a beautiful landscape. The vegetable garden was going to have to work within that vision as well.

So last weekend we put in the beginning of what I hope will be a garden that brings them both pleasure and reward like mine does for me.

As you can see, the raised beds are not framed, but simply mounded…this is an inexpensive way to get started and frames and much or gravel can be added later.

To begin, we took a trip to a local garden center…it is dangerous to put the two of us in any sort of shopping situation, but I think we did alright and did not spend the national GDP on garden things :-)…soil, compost and peat were all tilled into the native soil then mounded. Alan surrounded the beds with landscaping fabric to prevent weeds as well as provide a base for future gravel or path mulch. We also purchased some starter plants. We planted Tomatoes, thyme, rosemary, basil, peppers, onions as well as asparagus crowns. Alan will add beans to the trelis area later in the season.

Organic vegetable gardening is catching on all over! Good Luck Alan

Happy Gardening!

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