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Frost Protection


While I like to get a jump start on the growing season, our last “official” frost date is May 8th here in central ohio. That means we still have a chance of damaging frosts. More than likely those will be in more outlying areas rather than here in the city, but we must not take chances with our precious plants!

Protecting against frost damage is pretty simple and can be done with something as simple as a sheet draped over the bed as long as it isn’t touching the plants since the frost can permiate material, especially plastic.

I am very fortunate to have these amazing glass domes and bell cloches, they are beautiful glass and made in Poland. They protect the plants from frost and look good doing it. They are removed the next day when temperatures are high enough so that air and light can get to the plant, but they are marvelous and beautiful!

Happy Gardening!


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