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My Herb Adventure


As you know I have been planning the herb garden and today was the day I decided to take a day trip and buy my herb plants. I have purchased items from Companion Plants via their web site before, but I had never been to their greenhouses. So I jumped in the car this morning for an 80 mile one way drive…and wouldn’t you know it, I forgot my cell phone *ugh*. I did manage to remember the directions.

The drive down to Athens, OH is lovely, it goes through several counties and through very scenic areas including the hocking hills. Country roads are very confusing and I managed to get myself lost a couple of times before happening upon Companion Plants!!!

The owners and staff were extremely friendly and helpful. As you can see, I got a bounty of herb plants (both culinary and medicinal) for the new herb bed, bird bath bed and some items for the front garden.

With herbs in hand, I trecked back home. While the lunar calendar said today was not the best day to plant, the weather begged to differ. It rained a bit and was perfectly overcast (best for planting)…and that is just what I did! I planted all of the herbs I bought as well as the seed potatoes, leek starters and horsradish root! I will share photos as these plants grow and we see what comes of them!

Happy Gardening!

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