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You say goodbye and I say hello


Hello, Hello,  Hello! to new garden beds and goodbye to the rest of the back lawn! We have been slowly converting the back yard into a homesteading oasis, functional and beautiful at the same time, we hope. One of the things we have wanted to do is rid ourselves of our small patch of lawn. Over the years, I have increased the size of beds which took several feet here and there. Last year we added the pond which also decreased the size of the lawn to essentially a 6’x14’ strip. Our dog uses is as a potty and it just isn’t very pretty.

Well this year is the year the lawn goes completely. Our dog will easily adapt to wood chips as a litter rather than the grass, in fact, it will be much easier to scoop and clean. Not to mention we will get another 24 sqft (2’x12’) of gardening space thanks to our new raised beds.


These kits are the same beds I purchased last year that we put on the patio (See here for details). They are easy to assemble, made of rot resistant cedar wood and fit perfectly in the wasted space left in the yard. With their two foot width, they easily allow a walkway on either side to the back of the yard. I laid sheets of cardboard (leftover from the solar panel project as well as the boxes the kits were shipped in. I will sheet mulch the balance of the grass with waste cardboard I will get from work and add wood chips. The cardboard will essentially kill the grass as it decomposes without disturbing the soil and the beneficial worms and other bugs. This will build soil fertility quickly as well as shed water well.


In one of the bed segments, I am going to finally get a small plot of asparagus going. I love this perennial vegetable, but I have always been thwarted by invasive perennial weeds. In another segment, we are going to try to plant strawberries. We will have to net that part of the bed, but I hope we can at least get a small harvest for some desserts and fresh cereal toppings. In the third segment, I am going to grow part of our onion crop so we have ready access to them throughout the growing season.

The garden and homestead are an ever evolving experiment and this year is no different, we are really excited to get started!

Happy Gardening!


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