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Planting Day!!!


While we still have one more snow to go here in Ohio and our last frost date is nearly two months away, it is planting day!!!! The vernal (spring) equinox and particularly after a full moon is an excellent time to plant early cold loving root crops. Radishes, Beets, Leeks, Carrots and Onions are best planted early in the season (as soon as the ground can be worked). Since some of

these plants won’t germinate for 10-20 days and not mature for 60-75 days, it is best to get them in the ground now.
Since I live in the city, the hard frosts are more than likely done for the year and I only need to worry about light frosts that may damage the leaves of early seedlings, I am safe to get the seeds in the ground. When they mature to seedlings I will only cover them with row covers, glass or plastic cloches to protect against any potential damage.
Getting started on growing my vegetables really gives me a sense that Spring has arrived!
Happy Purim, Equinox and Ostara…and Happy Gardening!

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