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Happy Garden Visitors and New Beds


Attracting beneficial visitors to your garden means making it a hospitable place for visitors both visible and those a bit more elusive. This morning, I added another new feature to the garden, a bird bath!! A few years ago, I had to bid farewell to an old sour cherry tree. It broke my heart to have it cut down but it was really old and was beginning to split at the trunk. Removing it added more places for direct sun light…it also left a small stump. I had the arborist cut the stump as close to the ground as possible, but there was still as small flat reminder of the tree. Well today I positioned a beautiful stained concrete birdbath right on top of it and built a small bed that will hold thyme and lavender. The bath will allow birds to splash, bath and drink…I added a piece of flagstone in the middle to allow bees and butterflies to use the bath as a lovely respite from polinating and making my garden a better place to be!
I also added a small bed in a more shaded part of the garden. I will sew peas in this bed as well as cooler climate crops such as arugula and lettuces, with its location, I can have fresh salads all summer long!!!
Happy Gardening!

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