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The Herb Garden


Yesterday I spent the afternoon preparing the potager for spring, I top dressed the beds with compost and hand tilled the soil (avoiding the sprouting garlic of course). But what I was most excited about was working on the perrenial herb garden!
Three years ago when I renovated my kitchen, we eliminated an exterior door and back porch leaving a large bed (where my new eco friendly air conditioner lives). In my haste preparing for a party, I planted some plants in this bed just to get something in it…not a terrible choice, but just not the most practical.
After a few years of a lot of change in my life, I am finally coming back to this bed and putting in what I have always wanted, a perrenial herb garden. I have grown herbs in pots since I bought this house, but have always bid them goodbye at the first frost only to buy them the following year. Now I can have herbs that come back year after year (with some winter protection). The previous residents of the bed have either been transplanted or thanked for their service and composted. I never take the life of a plant for granted so while they are no longer in this bed, they will live on in compost for the garden and its newest residents…culinary and medicinal herbs!! Stay tuned for the progress!!
Happy Gardening!

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