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The new arch tunnel will be easy to walk under to harvest climbing vegetables!

The new arch tunnel will be easy to walk under to harvest climbing vegetables!

Another milestone in the garden completed!  Over the past few weeks we have been digging out, disassembling, reassembling and changing the potager.  We have reconfigured all of the garden beds, which means moving a lot of earth and adding a lot of pebbles (over a ton) to refresh the walking paths.

This new configuration gives us more walking space and takes advantage of the sun’s path across the yard; as well as providing much needed working room around the beehive.

One of the things I was most excited about when recreating the vegetable garden was adding a walk under trellis.  We are planning to grow a few vining crops in our garden (as well as many at our new allotment garden…more on that later).

To do this properly, we needed a vertical structure.  The structure needed to be secure enough to grow items on that provides more light and ventilation and had to be tall enough to walk under to tend to the vegetables and to harvest when the time came.  The structure also had to be somewhat easy to disassemble if we need to change anything in the garden again.

We looked everywhere for inspiration, but finally settled on a simple walk through tunnel.  We used six metal fence posts sunk one foot in the ground (leaving six feet above the ground).  Once these were secured, we used rolled, small animal fencing to create the vertical panel and the arching tunnel.

Once the fence posts were sunk and the fencing measured, it was really easy to secure the fencing to the posts with plastic zip ties (we find so many things to do with these….I wish I had invented them!).  After assembling the arch and panels, I went through and strategically cut the fencing to remove rough spots as well as provide space at the bottom of the panel for easy cultivation, planting and weeding.

With any luck and good weather, this trellis should be home to vining tomatoes, cucumbers as well as small French melons specifically designed for small space gardening!

This new trellis, along with the one we built a few weeks ago definitely expands the amount and type of vegetables and fruit we can grow in our small city garden!


Happy Gardening!

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