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Patio Planter Composite

One of the most common things I hear from friends and readers is that they would really like to grow some of their own food, but they can’t because they rent or they have a town home, condo or other type of home that doesn’t have any ground on which to grow.  I have written before about container gardening, but these new beds we just put into our garden solves the problem even better than pots!

The beds are common enough, but the best part of the beds (available here) is the fact that they are only two feet deep, four feet wide and 10 inches tall.  That will allow anyone to grow salad or other favorite vegetables easily and portably (meaning you can take it with you when you move)!

I bought the beds in late fall as I was gathering ideas for the 2015 garden and I also had an incentive to purchase them on my credit card (which was paid off directly after). So they sat in my garage all winter, waiting to be put together and placed at the ready for spring planting.

We had beautiful weather over the weekend (which is to be cancelled out by snow today), so we thought we would put the beds together and get them prepared.  The assembly couldn’t be easier, they pieces simply slide together.  The beds are made of rot resistant cedar which will age well with the rest of the wood in our backyard.

While these are being put into use on our patio, they are technically designed to be garden beds in direct contact with the soil.  To modify them, we stapled landscape fabric securely to the bottom of the beds to prevent soil loss, but to promote drainage.  On one of the beds, we took an old piece of trellis from one that was broken last year and secured it to the back wall of the bed so we can grow cherry tomatoes and perhaps slicer cucumbers on the vertical space.

Since these will be used for tomatoes and also since they will be in place for a while, we chose to fill it with a richer mix of soil rather than simply potting soil.  Garden soil and manure are heavier and contain more nutrients, so we mixed 2/3 garden soil and manure with 1/3 light potting soil.  I will add some aggregate sand to the beds to further lighten and condition the soil before planting.

You can garden pretty much anywhere if you really want to and put your creative mind to good use!

Happy Gardening!

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