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Better Late than never


I have to admit, this spring and summer were rough on my schedule. Among some other things in my life that distracted me from my garden were new responsibilities at work and the completion of my education. That left precious little time for gardening and even less for blogging :-(.

And while I wasn’t the best steward of my garden, nature must have known what was going on and decided to take extra special care of me. The beautiful bounty of the garden came through even the little bit of neglect I inflicted upon the garden. The heirloom tomatoes were glorious all the way through. The multi-colored swiss chard has been bountiful and my summer squash ended up the size of king penguins…just amazing. Not to mention beans, potatoes, cucumbers and a host of other vegetables that ripened and provided nourishment for my exhausted body this summer.

As for my soul, when I did have time to tend the garden, it brought such peace and sense of well being, it is hard to describe. Nature and in particular my garden provides such a refuge for the city weary, I want to run up to every city dweller and give them a plant so they can feel just a little of the energy that nature can provide.

Now that summer is waning, and I am about two weeks late in doing it, I headed out to the garden to put in my late summer plantings for late fall and early winter harvest. Carrots, Parsnips, Spinach, Mesculin lettuce and though it is late, I am going to put in a few beet plants. I think with a row cover, I should be able to squeak out a small harvest just in time for Thanksgiving! And in a couple of weeks, it will be time to put the garlic and shallots in the beds to over winter.

This post is short on instruction, I know, but I wanted to send a little bit of garden love and energy that I have recieved into the world to share.

Happy Gardening!

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