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With a little planning; even in the winter, you can make your own homemade liquid fertilizer for your houseplants and any vegetables you grow over the winter.

I have shown how to make liquid comfrey fertilizer outdoors in the summer; the process is similar indoors, but by using dried plant material.

Another change to this recipe is the inclusion of nettles.  In the spring, nettles grow wild, both the standard and the stinging variety.  While a bit sharp and full of venom, they make outstanding fertilizer.

Comfrey is a marvelous plant in that it pulls nutrients from deep in the soil and stores it in its leaves.  It Rich in potash (potassium or K – great for flowering), it contains high levels of Nitrogen (N) for leaves and Phosphorous (P) for roots. The addition of nettles bumps the nitrogen component up a bit.

I use the fresh materials in the spring and summer, but I also put a little aside to dry for use in the apothecary (both comfrey and nettles have extraordinary medicinal properties) as well as for making houseplant fertilizer.

The fertilizer couldn’t be easier to make, just take three heaping tablespoons of each dried plant material and place in a large mason jar, add water to the top and swirl around to wet all the leaves.  This brew is a great general purpose fertilizer and can even be used on orchids.

Almost instantly, the water begins to turn brown indicating it is leaching the goodness from the plant material.  In about two weeks, you will have a rich infusion that can be strained and applied (diluted) as a side dressing to the soil or even as a foliar spray in a mister  to give your plants a boost while we wait out the last gasps of lady winter and dream of the young maiden of spring!

Creating your own fertilizer is easy and allows you to avoid chemical fertilizers to keep your houseplants in top shape!

Happy Gardening!

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