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A Fine Spring Day For Planting


You would think a grey rainy day would be miserable in the garden…but for the avid enthusiast (or completely obsessed garden nut…either title works), it is a prime day for planting. According to the farmers almanac and my gut feel, today put us past the possibility of a hard frost. We have had a remarkably warm spring and I was itching to get the seedlings I have nurtured for the last two months into the ground.
This year’s garden is a mix of seedlings nurtured on my sun porch and some that were ordered from the nursery. Since I am focusing more on the special varieties of produce this year, heirloom seeds would be very expensive for the number of plants I plan. Plus, their viability year over year is not what a conventional seed would be. So I ordered some heirloom variety seedlings from a local grower.
This year, I am planting four varieties of tomato; Cherokee purple, Brandywine, an heirloom cherry and Jubilee (yellow). I am also planting two varieties of heirloom cucumber; one that looks like a lemon, and the long seedless english. Of course my garden would not be complete without brussel sprouts, brocoli, squash varieties, beets, eggplant, radish, carrots, chard and spinach.
I will be planting carrot seeds as well as a few other items in a day or so when I decide where to put them.
There is so much to do and so much to write about…the coming weeks should be very exciting in the garden!
Happy Gardening!

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