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What to do with your winter squash!

bnsquash ravioli

If you grew winter squashes like butternut or acorn or any heritage breed, you are probably running out of uses for the delicious, hearty and hardy fruits of your labor. From roasted squash, to squash puree and of course soup, the winter squash is versatile, but it can get monotonous. Try this the next time you roast up a beautiful winter squash…make ravioli!

Butternut squash ravioli is easy to make, stores beautifully in the freezer and best of all takes so little to prepare a delectable final dish.

Roast your butternut squash with herbs, garlic, salt and pepper for a good hour plus to ensure the flesh is soft. Scrape out the flesh into a bowl and add equal amounts (by volume) of ricotta cheese. I also like to add a little sharp, salty parmesan cheese into the mix for flavor. Blend well by hand or by the use of an immersion blender (it breaks up the fibers of the squash well) and apportion the mixture on ravioli pasta or on top of wonton wrappers, top with more pasta or another wrapper (ensuring to brush the pasta with water to ensure adhesion. Place the finished ravioli on a parchment lined baking sheet sprinkled with corn meal. Freeze the ravioli flat until very firm (at least 24 hours).

Once the ravioli are frozen, you can remove them from the baking sheets and place them in portioned freezer bags or containers and place back in the freezer until you are ready to use them.

For me, the more simple a final dish is to prepare, the better. On a busy weeknight, you only need to boil a bit of salty water, cook these ravioli for 2-3 minutes per serving and toss them in a light butter and garlic sauce. Accompany these by a nice fresh salad and a bit of bread and you have a perfect meal to warm up even the coldest of winter nights!

Happy Gardening!

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