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Late Season Bulb Digger (Finale)


Now that the soil is prepped and you are ready, it is time to tuck your bulbs in the soil and prep them for winter!

Plant your bulbs at twice their height and twice their width if planting single. When creating bulb compositions follow the height rule, but you can then crowd the bulbs into whatever formation you want. I plant mine in concentric circles alternating the bulb type for maximum beauty.

I throw a little compost into the holes before planting to provide nutrients in our terrible clay soil, then cover them with soil, add a bit of water and then cover over with a nice layer of mulch.

To protect your precious bulbs from pests (the dreaded grey squirell here in Columbus), I sprinkle and mix in the mulch some cayenne pepper…this keeps the pesky squirells away from my tender bulbs! You will have to periodically refresh the pepper until it snows and the ground is covered. Also companion planting narcissus bulbs keep the pests away as well!

If you follow these simple steps, you will have a spring bursting with color!

Happy Gardening!


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