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Violet!, You’re Turning….Violet!


Blueberry Composite

Poor Violet Beauregarde, her gum chomping got her into trouble, but I hope my new plants don’t turn me blue! Continuing my obsession with adding perennial food production to the garden and continuing the theme of focusing on fruit this gardening season I just planted blueberries in the front garden!

Will and I were at our favorite local garden center Oakland Nursery over the weekend and spotted some blueberry plants that were on sale!!! I noticed that they had two varieties, one regular northern highbush variety that will grow into a larger plant and one dwarf variety that will stay compact.  While blueberry bushes are self fertile, it is recommended that you plant another variety in the same general area to allow for cross pollination and to produce fully developed berries.

These seemed perfect for some blank spaces in the front garden and will eliminate the need for me to add any annual plants in coming years to these spaces.  The plants will take two to three years to bear fruit, but when they do, it will be very exciting….much better than gum!

Happy Gardening!

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