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Late Season Bulb Digger (Part 2)


Once you have selected, purchased or ordered your bulbs, you will want to get them planted before the ground freezes.

Selecting the location

Before selecting the location to plant bulbs in the landscape, consider the light requirements of the plant. Does it require full sun, part shade, etc.? Once that is determined you can decide to plant in a bed, around rocks, under trees based on what will make the bulb thrive.

Now for the fun part, planning your palate…I love the juxtaposition of pink, yellow, lavender and blue and I plant in clusters of each color paired with yellow (yellow/pink, yellow/purple, yellow/blue), mixing the bulbs in various heights to create clusters. This year I added something calle the queen of the night (cue Whitney Houston!) that is a deep deep purple. I am excited to see what the results will be.

Preparing Soil

Properly preparing the soil for bulb planting is important. Good soil drainage is essential in raising bulbs. If you have soil with a high clay content (like we all do in Columbus), it can be improved with the addition of compost and peat moss. The material should be worked into the top 12-18 inches of soil.

Next up, planting and caring for your bulbs!

Happy Gardening!

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