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Late Season Bulb Digger! (Part 1)


I admit it…I am…but I am not ashamed! The stores, garden centers and many garden “experts” would have you beleive that you practically have to run from your labor day celebrations to the garden center to get your bulbs and get them in the ground!

I, however, take a more laxidasical approach…I wait…I wait with a knowing grin

I never buy bulbs from garden centers until at least November 1st. Why? for a couple of reasons. One, my garden plants are still up and going until then, it makes it difficult to determine where I want to plant a cluster…Two, I am CHEAP!!! Bulbs purchased in late October or early November are at least 50% and up to 85% off (this year I waited until the 15th of November and bought about 250 additional bulbs for 90% off). Now that is for commodity bulbs like tulips, narcissus, etc. For specialty bulbs, I go online where the savings can be equally great!

Bulbs provide a good investment for the money spent. They can supply years of color to your yard (particularly in early spring when it needs it the most). Most bulbs can be planted up until the ground is frozen, so hold off and wait to buy your bulbs!

Happy Gardening!

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