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A Master Class in Gardening (Part 1) Gardening For Production and Pleasure


Mt Vernon Composite 1

On a recent trip to the Washington, DC area I had the privilege of visiting a terrific historic site, George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Many readers will remember that I visited Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello a few years ago and was entranced so I was thrilled when the opportunity came to visit another founding father’s house and garden. In this post, I will highlight the concept of gardening for production and pleasure.

One of the things Washington’s garden illustrates best is that even when one is gardening to provide food for the table, the garden should be pleasing to the eye. In addition, the garden should attract the maximum number of pollinators as possible, luring them in with sights and smells. Finally, it is a unique and ingenious use of space!

The pictures included are of Washington’s upper garden and greenhouse. This is considered a pleasure garden but also provided produce for the table and for storage. In subsequent posts I will highlight the workhorse lower garden and groves; but for now, feast your eyes on these beautiful images of lovely borders surrounding productive fields! For more information on George Washington’s Mount Vernon and how to plan your own historic visit, please visit their website. Happy Gardening!

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