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Herbal Adventure….With Friends!


Companion Plants Adventure

My annual trip to Athens was made all the better for great company in the form of my partner Will and dear friends Robert and West.  It is nice to share certain passions with the people in your life and plants is one of the interests we all share.  So one early morning this past weekend we met for breakfast and then hit the road for a 90 mile each way road trip to a little shop outside Athens, OH.

Companion Plants is an internationally recognized herb nursery established in 1982 and located in the scenic rolling hills just outside Athens, Ohio. They offer over 600 varieties of common and exotic herb plants, including; medicinal, culinary, ceremonial, aromatic, butterfly, fiber, and dye plants.  In addition they carry over 200 varieties of seed, most of which they grow themselves using environmentally friendly methods.

This year, I am expanding a few areas of the garden with herbs.  I plan to plant the appropriate companion plants to help my grape plants thrive as well as expanding my front beds and filling it with both flowers and herbs on top of my new fruit tree specimen.

After we spent way too much money at Companion Plants, we had a delightful lunch and then went shopping at a local glassware outlet…all in all a perfect day!

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