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Fruit Salad Tree Planting

For some it is drugs, for some freaky monkey love…my thrills come from experimenting with growing different plants.  My new obsession is growing fruit.  Over the last four years I have added espaliered apple trees, a berry patch and a grape trellis.

Recently I was traveling for work and reading a book on homesteading on the plane.  I read in the book of something called a fruit salad tree, a tree that grows different kinds of fruits on one tree!!! I was hooked so I did some research and found out that it is a real thing and comes in a couple of varieties, one for Citrus and once for stone fruits.  I will be adding some kind of citrus at some point depending on the conditions in my house, but I knew I could grow a stone fruit tree in some capacity.

While I was excited, I soon became disappointed because this tree is not completely hardy in my zone.  The stone fruit tree is hardy to zone 7 whereas I fall somewhere between zones 5 and 6, mostly 6 but still it would be a stretch to grow something designed for zone 7.

But since I am a rebel, I decided to try and grow this type of tree in a pot.  One, it would keep the growth in check, two, I could bring the tree inside in the deepest part of winter and see how it would do.

I could not be dissuaded so I ordered one!  I ordered from an amazon retailer called Martha’s Secret.  When it arrived, I could have sworn it was Italian since it said FRAGILE on the package J  Once I got the tree unpacked I placed the bare root seedling in a bucket of water for an hour to rehydrate the roots.

Next I filled a large 12 gallon pot halfway with soil, spread the roots of the tree out, backfilled with soil and gave it a good drink.  I added a bamboo post to provide support as the tree (hopefully) grows and flourishes.  I will keep the pot on the sun porch for another week or so to let the roots acclimate and then I will move it out to the yard for the spring, summer and fall!  Let’s hope I am harvesting peaches, plums, nectarines in a year or so!


Happy Gardening!

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