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Plant Room Sun Porch

I am really, really fortunate to have a sunporch on my Tudor revival home.  It serves as a much needed place for my dog to stay during the day so she has access to the backyard all day, and it can be closed off from the rest of the house by a delightful leaded glass door to keep the kitties inside the house.

But most of all it is the winter and for some plants, a year round home.  Right now there is rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, bay laurel and rue over wintering on that porch and of course my giant aloe plant and a spider plant make are in that room permanently.

I just this minute ordered a fruit salad tree that I am going to attempt to grow in a pot and it also will make its winter home on the sun porch to protect it from our sometimes brutal Ohio winters.

The foundation of this room is the same as my home (meaning it has its own basement), a poured concrete floor, block and concrete walls where metal casement windows were installed and a beadboard roof.

Fortunately, there is electric now on the porch as there was not when I first bought the house so I can have grow lights as well as supplemental heat in the form of an oil radiator to keep the plants toasty on cold winter’s nights.

My musings have been what sort of renovations are to be planned for this room.  It is lovely, but it could be more functional with some updates.  I love old casement windows and I adamantly refuse to replace them even though they are not at all energy efficient, so I am going to build out frames and make insulated storm windows to be placed on the inside for next winter.  I am also deciding on storage, plant stands and the biggest renovation of all would be to take the roof completely off and replace it with a glass conservatory roof which would flood the room with enough light to grow many more plants.

This is going to be a long planned and saved for renovation so today it is simply musings…

Happy Gardening!

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