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Creating More Structure In The Garden


berry structure

Readers will remember a year or so ago when I planted my berry bramble in front of my garage…I created some stunning mirrors out of scrap screen doors and planted a few marvelous varieties of berries.  Those berries flourished in the location I selected; but one thing I never got to finish was the structure in the berry patch.  Over the last year the bramble kind of got out of control and was a bit overgrown.  Providing structure will aid in keeping the plants healthy and manageable in such a small space.

Will helped me complete the project.  I bought cedar posts last year and I left them out in the garden to age.  These are 8 foot posts so I took a cut of two feet off the top with the intention of placing the stakes two feet into the ground; leaving four feet out of the ground.  Once they were pounded into the ground we used the balance of the wood to create a cross piece at the top.  Next we added a smaller piece of wood closer to the ground; one, to help guide the canes up to grow over the top wire and two, to make the structure look a bit less like a crucifixion scene.

I selected eyelets and we attached the top ones on the inside surface of the cross bar and on the top of the lower bar.  Next, I strung 16 gauge wire between each of the eyelets and tightened the cable.

As the berry canes grow this year this structure will aid in air flow and aid in healthy plant growth which in turn means more berries!

Give your plants the proper structure and harvest the benefits!

Happy Gardening!

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