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A garden is dependent upon pollination and therefore we are dependent upon pollination for our survival.  1/3 of the food we consume is a direct result of pollination (either through wind based pollination or facilitated by a pollinator).  One of the best pollinators is the honey bee!

We have heard over the last few years of the plight of the honey bee with colony collapse disorder and the scourge of multiple parasitical diseases; these crises threaten the natural order of pollination and also our survival as humans.  I wanted to do something to aid in the survival of these amazing creatures.

I have been fascinated by bees for many years.  As a science nerd, I am intrigued about the bees themselves, the hive creation and the process in which bees both pollinate as well as produce a myriad of products that we can utilize.  Keeping bees just seemed like the natural progression of my journey to self-reliance.

Before jumping in and making huge mistakes based on ignorance and lack of education, I have been reading online articles, magazine articles, books and watching videos on bees and how to keep them.  Finally a friend of mine mentioned that the Central Ohio Beekeeping Association(COBA)  was offering a “bee” school for people interested in keeping bees on their property.  I signed my partner and I up for the class and last weekend we spent the entire Saturday at the Ohio State Agricultural Campus learning about the biology of bees, the diseases of bees, the basics of pollination, the construction of hives, the products of the hives and much more.

By the end of the day we were convinced that we could keep a colony of bees on my small property if we were smart about hive selection, placement and the correct plantings and yard facilities we would need.  We have ordered our starter kit of bees, bee hives and accessories from a local farm that specialize in bees and are anxiously awaiting their arrival.

This is going to be an exciting year with assembling and preparing the hive, introducing the bees, caring for them and watching the colony grow and hopefully prosper!!!  This is my way of getting buzzed!


Happy Gardening!

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