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Container Gardening For Beauty and Productivity

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Some people are very fortunate to have acreage to dedicate to gardening.  I am fortunate to have a small yard to dedicate to vegetable, herb and flower gardening.  However, many people live in condominiums, apartments and other type of homes without yards.  That doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy the process of gardening or the result!  Container gardening allows us to grow plants for beauty or consumption in very limited spaces.  I love using containers to augment my garden space.  Sometimes, depending on the type of crop, it is better to use containers.

Here in my kitchen garden I have placed a couple of pots on my front porch and back deck that contain colorful annual flowers to add a burst of summer color to my home.  Other containers are used for productive crops.  I have caged in a couple of eggplants to keep them from the squirrels.  I am also growing a black cherry tomato so I have a ready crop right outside my door.  I have added Stevia, an herb for sweetening to a container.  Finally, I have selected some unusual containers to grow potatoes.  These collapsible containers allow you to place your starter potatoes in a few inches of soil.  As the potatoes sprout and grow plants, you cover over the plant with more soil.  Each leaf and part of the stem will grow roots (or tubers as potatoes are).  It is similar to the way tomatoes sprout roots along the stem if you bury them deeper.  This is the optimum way to grow potatoes without having to dedicate a large amount of your gardening space.

Container gardening works for everyone, those with yards and those without!  The joy of gardening is egalitarian and this is a way for everyone to enjoy it!

Happy Gardening!

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