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2013 Garden Begins!


The first two months of the year were very tumultuous for me but we have finally made it to March!  For me, that means seed starting.  For many summer crops, you need 7-8 weeks for plants to be mature enough to transplant out in the garden, particularly for the summer heat loving plants like tomatoes and squash.

I started by getting my seed starting pots out of the garage; I save them from year to year when I buy supplemental plants from the nursery and it is an effective way of recycling. You do need to make sure they are clean, so I run the hottest water I can stand, add a little soap and bleach and allow the pots to soak for a few minutes.  A thorough rinse and full dry later and they are ready to use.  I filled mine with an organic potting soil, but any seed starting mix will work.  I made sure I soaked the material well before planting.

This year I have included 5 kinds of tomatoes including Roman paste style for making sauce, heirloom Brandywine in red and yellow, an heirloom black cherry tomato and two other yellow and green beefier styles for salads and sandwiches.  I have also included several varieties of squash that will be included in my three sisters garden with beans and corn when they are planted.  I wanted a variety of cucumbers so I selected a vintage green variety, a lemon yellow round variety and a smaller variety for making pickles.  The balance of the seeds being started are made up of a variety of gourds for fall crafts as well as a couple of kinds of peppers.

The balance of the garden will be directly sewn into the soil at the appropriate time.  The peas will be planted in three weeks!  I will be getting the soil ready for them as well as brassicas, lettuces and spring root vegetables.

My energy is always revived at the start of the gardening season, it has been a long cold winter and I am ready for what is next!

Happy Gardening!


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