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Senescence, Rest and Dreams of Rebirth (Part 2)


Continuing the fall clean up, I was also busy this weekend dreaming and planning next year’s garden. I created two new spots: One, against the garage was once home to two peony plants. Those plants went to a dear friend who has been building a garden of her own. The space that is left is perfect for a trellised item. We are debating on what that will be…pole beans? Warty, nubby gourds? Or something purely decorative?
The other new area is in front of the potager area. Since the traditional Jardin Potager is required to be enclosed, Don and I have been discussing potentially having trellis material go in and the new dwarf apple trees will be espaliered on those trellises, enclosing the potager and adding beautiful architectural element to the space.
I will post what we decide 🙂
Happy Gardening!

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