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Making Herbal Gifts


One of the perennial favorite items in my holiday gift baskets are the burning bundles I make.  In addition to the herbal candles, baked goods, preserves and infusions I include in each gift, I include a little magic!

I grow many herbs in my garden; often more than I can use fresh or even dry for the next year’s culinary and medicinal purposes.  These additional harvests are bundled and dried for other special purposes including making these burning bundles.

These bundles couldn’t be easier to make, simply combine small bundles of two different herbs along with fatwood (a natural firestarter), cinnamon sticks and tie it off with natural raffia and a piece of dried fruit.

Last year I made lemon/lime bundles with hosta stems, lemon verbena, lemon balm and dried slices of lemon and limes.  This year the bundles are designed to make a wish for the recipients to come true.  I have included rosemary and lavender for luck,  cinnamon for success and dried apples for love!

These bundles are designed to be tucked into kindling for a firepit or fireplace.  Better still, make a wish on one and toss it on top of your firepit or fireplace fire to enjoy the fragrance.

If you are fortunate enough to have an overabundance of herbs, take those harvests and the last gleanings and make herbal gifts for those you love and care about!


Happy Gardening!

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