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Easy, beautiful and inexpensive holiday decorations


I do love grand floral centerpieces and grand decorating. I have features some of the most brilliant creations that my friend Brad Tingley has created for parties and tours of my home. However, for this holiday season I decided to scale things back to simple decorations and homemade centerpieces for the holiday table.
Once again, I chose fresh greens from a local nursery. For just a few dollars I picked up cedar, fine needled pine and spruce branches and arranged them (along with a fresh boxwood wreath) on my hearth. A trip to the woods netted a basket of pinecones that I used for the hearth decorating as well as the base for my holiday centerpieces
For the centerpieces, I chose to scent the pinecones with cinnamon leaf oil. This makes a great fragrance alone, but even better with the clove studded oranges (pomanders) and the fresh rosemary from the garden tucked around in my favorite white compotes.
Holiday decorating can be simple and elegant but still makes a great statement!

Happy Holidays and Happy Gardening!

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