Creating a Life of Plenty

Inside The Winter Garden


I am very blessed to be able to grow vegetables through most of the winter.  The greenhouses create an environment warm enough to grow many spring vegetables that can endure cooler night time soil temperatures.  I popped out to the garden to get some items for a salad; lettuce mix, carrots, radishes and I thought I would snap a few pictures of what is growing.

You can see the radishes are practically jumping out of the soil at this point as well as the lettuce.  The turnips, beets, parsnips and carrots are slower growers, but are moving along nicely.  In the other bed, the onion and shallot seeds are sprouting and beginning to grow.  These should be perfect come spring!  I hope I can get a few carrots and parsnips before the real cold of January hits.  I am not sure my little greenhouses will sustain heat against that kind of winter blast.  Regardless, today was a beautiful day in the garden, like every day!

Happy gardening!

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