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Sacrifice + Bliss


Sacrifice + Bliss

I love the title of this blog, taken from the title of an exhibition I had a chance to go and see.  Recently I popped into the Franklin Park Conservatory for lunch and an opportunity to see the installation of an exhibit from artist Aurora Robson, a multi-media artist known predominantly for her transformative work interrupting the waste stream using plastic debris, excess packaging and junk mail.

The exhibit is called Sacrifice + Bliss a vibrant collection of works created from discarded materials and is on display within the Conservatory’s plant collections and in the Cardinal Health Gallery.

Works includes Kamilo, a 4 ½-foot tall sculpture created out of plastic debris that washed ashore on the southern point of Hawaii, and Be Like Water, an installation created from 9,000 clear plastic bottles and 80,000 bottle caps.

Using her artwork as a means to raise awareness about plastic pollution, Robson says, “I am interested in provoking reflection on consumption without making people feel guilty, rather, motivating them in a positive way.”

I was both awestruck and inspired but also moved knowing that the components of these beautiful pieces of art are only a tiny fraction of the plastic and paper waste we produce every day.  You can view these captivating sculptures, installations and collages as well as learn about plastic pollution, and see how the Conservatory and the community becoming more environmentally sustainable by visiting the conservatory through April 28, 2013.

Happy Gardening!

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