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Cold and Flu Season!


Flu Tea Blend

This article does not constitute a replacement for qualified medical care and is not presented as such but for information purposes only.

Cold and flu season is definitely upon us, the miserable feeling, aches, pains and chills associated with the common cold and the various strains of influenza are difficult to endure.  Properly protect yourself, wash your hands thoroughly, get immunized if you need to against the flu.  There is no “cure” for the viruses that cause cold and flu, your body simply has to fight them off and they have to run their course.  If you do fall victim, this marvelous tea will help boost your immune system, minimize the symptoms and may help shorten the duration of your cold or flu.

 I made a big batch of this the other night and I wanted to share the recipe.

 Boneset: diaphoretic when taken as a warm infusion, in which form it is used in attacks of muscular rheumatism and general cold.  This warms the body and helps ease muscle aches associated with cold and flu. (20 %)

 Yarrow:  Yarrow will help a person who has a fever associated with cold and flu.  It opens the pores freely and purifies the blood; this will help the body break the fever. (15%) 

Elderberry: it is one of the best preventives known against the advance of influenza and the ill effects of a chill, the elderberry also is an immunity tonic, strengthening the immune system. (15%)

Thyme: Antiseptic, antispasmodic, tonic and carminative. It is used to assist in promoting perspiration at the commencement of a cold, and in fever (15%)

Mullein: has very markedly demulcent, emollient and astringent properties; in this infusion it is used to ease coughs and make them more productive. (10%)

Rosehips: Rosehips are very rich in Vitamin C, an immune system booster, they are also great for beating the fatigue associated with cold and flu viruses. (10%)

Red Clover: Red clover has antispasmodic properties and are used in this preparation for easing a cough (10%)

Fennel:  Primarily used for flavor in this blend, but also has properties to ease a cough.  (5%)


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