Creating a Life of Plenty

Getting What You Need From Nature


I often post things about planting, caring for and harvesting from your garden.  That is one way of getting what you need from nature.  Another way is being immersed in nature, forcing yourself to separate from a very hectic life to spend some time with the sustaining energy all around you. 

I was very fortunate for the second year to attend a special gathering called Between The Worlds.  This week long festival brings together like minded people to celebrate all the colors of nature and spirituality. 

I took this week to reflect on a few years of tumultuous changes in my life.  This was an opportunity to grieve what needed to be grieved and to shed the pain and keep the knowledge that comes with it and an opportunity to begin looking inside myself for solutions.  I have always been an independent and self reliant person but I often gloss over what is going on inside and focus instead on making things alright on the outside.  By immersing myself in nature, without the distractions of modern life, I was able to focus and get what I needed.  The natural energy that surrounds us, even in our concrete jungles is present and always available, but it is very nice to be able to let go of cares and worries for a little while and spend it surrounded by natural grace and the spirit of brotherhood.

 Happy Gardening and Blessed Be!

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