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My Urban Garden Bike Adventure


Bicycle Garden Tour

Today was a really good day for combining passions.  I participated in a bike tour of urban gardens here in Columbus organized by a partnership of Yay Bikes! & Local Matters.  Attendees got to choose from three different ride lengths to accommodate all riders.  Each ride visited a number of urban farms and gardens supported by Local Matters.  Will and I took the medium size ride which encompassed 10 miles and 9 different stops.  I love to peddle my way around town, back and forth to work and to run my errands so it seemed a natural combination to tour gardens by bike

Columbus is a progressive town and is on the forefront of urban gardening, this is the best way to keep agriculture local for city dwellers and I wholeheartedly support it.

Each of these stops was educational learning about garden structure, soil building and maintenance, water conservancy and sustainability.

The first stop was both an urban garden and an urban farmers market.  One of the difficult things for urban dwellers, particularly those with limited resources is adding fresh food to their diets.  Most convenience stores and markets supply canned and processed convenience foods.  The Franklinton Produce Market not only sources fresh produce from the adjacent gardens but they sell it at inexpensive prices and they accept food stamps.  They also provide education on how to use fresh produce in recipes.  This makes healthy eating accessible for everyone.

In the course of the bike tour we also visited two other public gardens, the balance of the tour were private urban gardens that produce flowers, vegetables and fruits for the homeowners.  It is inspiring to see how other people are gardening!  I talked with the organizer about including my urban garden on the next tour!

Enjoy the picture composite to see a sampling of the gardens we visited today!

Happy Gardening!

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