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Planting Evening


Fall Planting

It is August 15th, do you know where your seeds are?  Well you better, because it is time to plant for fall!  I know it is hard to think about the fall and winter, but now is the time to start planting and start seeding for fall and winter harvest!

When I came home this evening, I harvested the last of the spring carrots; they are so sweet and delish!  I will enjoy them for the next few weeks munching on them from the fridge and adding them to salads and stir fry’s.  Since I cleaned out the spring vegetable bed with the exception of the leeks, eggplant and brussel sprout, it was time to plant for fall.

I will put a greenhouse on this bed when I get home from my camping trip in mid-September to help it along an also to serve as a bed for winter growing, but in the interim, it is time to plant for late fall harvest.  This evening I put some salad mix seeds, peas, parsnips, carrots, radishes and turnips in the garden for harvest as the days grow cooler.  The root crops and spring vegetables will do much better now that the temperature is not consistently above 80 degrees…hopefully the cooler temperatures will be accompanied by some much needed rain, but it will be alright.  Plant them if you have them this week, for a fall full of delicious vegetables!


Happy Gardening!

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