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My Favorite Summer Event!


Ohio State Fair


Last weekend, the man I am seeing and I got a chance to go to my favorite annual event, The Ohio State Fair!  After a weekend of running around on errands and housework I was ready to go!  I love the State Fair and have since I was a kid in Michigan, since I moved to Ohio, the Ohio State Fair has been an annual tradition.  I went to sample some of my favorite fair food (my single annual corn dog…they are so bad for you, some high quality barbeque and roasted corn), I also went to see the agricultural exibits on honey, canning and other methods of cooking and preserving the bounty of the garden and farm.

But mostly, I went to see the chickens!  I am considering adding a few hens to my backyard homestead and I wanted to tour the different breeds that are on display.  I took tons of pictures, cood and interacted with the chickens, rabbits, geese, turkeys and ducks.  All of these can be incorporated into the backyard depending on the neighborhood and size.  I am considering a few hens that would be appropriate for my backyard and perhaps a rabbit…I won’t use the rabbit for meat, I am interested in a rabbit as a pet and as a source of amazing compost.  The chickens won’t be served for dinner either, I am interested in raising them for the three “E”’s…education, entertainment and eggs!

County fairs and state fairs are reminders of a simpler time for me and an opportunity most of us rarely get…to interact and learn about agriculture!


Happy Gardening!

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