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When You Can’t Grow It


I have limits…I know, shocking, right? But living in an urban neighborhood, the amount of space to grow food is limited. When I cannot grow the produce or flowers I need for my table or for an event, I turn to farmers markets or a public market. Here in Columbus, that means our treasured North Market.

Recently, I visited the market to attend the Farmer’s Festival. This is the open air weekend farmers market, with flowers, vegetables, fruit, meats and other delicacies all farm fresh, most organic and wonderful.

Since my corn is limited and still a couple of weeks from harvest, we picked up a dozen ears as well as some wonderful pepper jelly. In addition, I bought garlic for pasta sauce, chicken stock and a few other uses since I have not grown it yet (it goes into the garden in the fall).
We also picked up a gorgeous bouquet of sunflowers (I just couldn’t wait for our new transplants to bloom).

I think what is so marvelous about a public market is that you get closer to your food…the folks who grow it are selling it to you. Not a commercial farmer who then sells to a broker, who then sells to a distributor who then in turn sells it to a grocery chain who then distributes the food to its local stores….not yummy!

Fresh from your ground or the local farm is really the way to go! The freshness and the taste will blow you away and the lack of toxins will help your family’s health immensely!
Visit your local farmers or public market today! For more information on Columbus’ North Market, visit their website at

Happy Gardening!

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