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Cocozelle Squash Latkes


Squash Latkes

The Cocozelle is a delightful zucchini type bush-form summer squash that is known for its exceptionally tender flavorful fruit. This squash is an Italian heirloom variety from the 19th Century.  I planted 5 seeds in late May and thinned to two plants a couple of weeks after.  Now my plants are producing one squash per day.  This variety has a long slender green fruit with darker green stripes, best picked when it is 6″ – 8″ long.  

I had been thinking about what to make with this squash all day and fell back on my favorite latke recipe.  I used it last year with Patty pan squash to marvelous result. 

I took one and a half zucchini (I used half of one in last night’s stir fry) and grated them on a box grater along with ½ of a Vidalia onion. Next I added salt and pepper to taste as well as approximately 3/4 cup AP flour. I beat one egg and added it to the mixture to bind, then heated about a half inch of oil in a skillet (a combination of grape seed and olive oil). I dropped about two tablespoons of squash mix in once the oil was at temperature and flattened the mound. The fritters are fried until they are golden on one side and then flipped to do the same on the other. Drain on a paper towel or leftover paper bag. 

The summer squash is a versatile and useful vegetable and I am looking forward to experimenting with its uses all summer long! 

Happy Gardening!

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