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In honor of the Solstice, the sunniest herb I know!



Calendula officinalis, the common marigold, is a bright and beautiful flower that offers medicinal, culinary and visual delight.

Calendula is an excellent plant to grow every year and it begins to bloom right at the beginning of summer.  With all of our summertime activities, it is no coincidence that this useful plant is ready to be used at this time.  I just harvested a small bouquet of the flowers and have started the drying process.  This self-seeding annual is a profuse producer of blooms.

Calendula is used topically as an antiseptic and therefore helps prevent wounds from becoming infected.  It promotes draining of the wounds (keeps it clean by flushing out the microbes) and stimulates the surrounding lymph nodes to work extra hard at fighting off any intruders. It also soothes the wound helping take away the pain and discomfort. Calendula applied to bug bites can help with the itching or the aftermath of excessive scratching.

You can also add this beautiful flower to your salads and tea. It is a wonderful support for your immune system by removing stagnation and congestion.

You can also use this versatile plant in tinctures, salves and soap for marvelous skin care.  A tincture of calendula in Witch Hazel combined with a little aloe vera is a soothing facial toner for people suffering from mild to moderate Rosacea and Psoriasis.

Another useful and beautiful herb from my garden to yours!

Happy Gardening!


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