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What to do with your broccoli?


broccoli stir fry

So I pulled a lot of broccoli out of the garden the other day.  I had two large heads from the main stem and several florets from the side of the main stem that were just about to go to flower.  I snatched them up took them into the kitchen and par cooked some of it to freeze.  The balance I decided to combine with some early squash and onion I had on hand to make a quick and delicious stir fry.  I started with some jasmine rice in the rice cooker, and then pan seared the beef I had marinated in some awesome teriyaki sauce from Soy Vey!  While that was cooking, I steamed the broccoli for a moment to get it tender, then tossed all the vegetables and the meat into the pan to finish cooking.  All told it took longer (10  minutes) to cook the rice than it took to cook the toppings, but it was delicious none the less…I like a dinner that gets me in and out of the kitchen in 20 minutes or less!

The garden harvest is definitely in full swing…I will be pulling the cabbage soon to make great July 4th slaw…stay tuned!

Happy Gardening!

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