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Gifts From The Garden (Part I)


I am writing this as a multipart entry because as the season ends and more items come for harvest, I am going to talk about this again and go into a little more detail with what to do with your harvest to transform them into gifts for family and friends. But for now, think of this as what to do with your abundance of fresh veggies!…SHARE them!
Everyone loves fresh organic vegetables; this is a great way to show you care. Think of the money you save them if you provide a little basket of goodness!
We were fortunate to be invited to a dear friend’s house for dinner the other night(Thanks David and Jay!). As most people do, I struggle with bringing the perfect host present. This summer, I am not struggling! For most or all of our social occasions that call for a host present, we are bringing a bit of the garden.

In the winter, I came across a sale on these fantastic small bushel baskets and I snatched all that the store had, I knew I could use them sometime…now is the time.

Filled with a selection of fresh vegetables from the garden and some fragrant olive oil flavored with items from the garden (this one is baby shallots), we were ready to go.

Pick what is most beautiful and abundant and you will never go wrong bringing the perfect summer host or hostess gift!
Happy Gardening!

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